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Take our all-new interactive Health Age Calculator and get an even clear picture of your Health Age. It only takes around five minutes.

The AXA Health Age Calculator helps you understand how your health is doing now and supports you to make the small steps that make a big difference.

Based on sophisticated, scientific analysis of key health and lifestyle factors, your Health Age results come with achievable steps and personalised online support and recommendations to make a real difference to your health.


Get an accurate assessment of your health

The AXA Health Age Calculator makes sophisticated calculations to work out your AXA Health Age based on key health factors, such as mental health, nutrition, sleep, cancer risk, musculoskeletal condition, activity and how much time you spend sitting.

Update as you go

Make a change, such as losing weight or doing more exercise, and see the effect on your AXA Health Age instantly.

Experiment with health and lifestyle changes on the AXA Health Age dashboard
Discover ways you could reduce your Health Age. Seeing what would happen to your AXA Health Age if you were to make a change is a great way to feel inspired to make a change and helps you stay motivated.

See how many years you can expect to be free of avoidable health issues

Maybe you’ll live to a hundred, but how many of those years can you expect to be free of avoidable health issues? The unique Lifestrength calculation tells you your healthy life expectancy as well as your Health Age.

Support and recommendations for all – no matter where you’re starting from

The Proactive Health Gateway provides tailored support and recommendations on achievable ways to make a difference – whether you’re not sure where to start or already looking out for your health.

It's dynamic
You can use the Gateway tools function to track your progress (e.g. increasing your activity levels, eating more fruit and veg) and this will update your Health Age automatically.

Securely saved results makes updating easy
You only need to complete the new Calculator once. If you make a change in your health or lifestyle, it’s easy to update your information and see the effect on your AXA Health Age straightaway.
Your data is stored securely and confidentially.

How to use this tool
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