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Our AXA Health Age Calculator will show instantly how making small lifestyle changes can have a huge impact on your current and future health.

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Build your motivation and sense of achievement by tracking the changes that matter most to you across the variety of activity, eating habits, sleep, mental wellbeing and weight. Choose from 40 tools, set goals, create a team challenge or connect your app or device. We support over 50 of the most popular apps and devices.

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You’ll see your success in the measures you prefer, whether it's years younger or by earning Proactive Points. Our Proactive Points are scientifically designed to reflect your actual progress towards better health and make wellbeing products and services more affordable.

Wellbeing at your fingertips

The Proactive Health app is a market leading app with a fresh and innovative approach to wellbeing that enables you to easily track your goals, progress and earn points

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